Our Passion

“Let food be thy medicine” Hippocrates


The inception of Soulful herbs and spices came from two sisters that have been working in the field of Natural medicine on different platforms from private practice to academia. We are extremely passionate about healing people and wanted to make a bigger impact on the community through healing, nourishing and nurturing individual with the ingredients of food. Impacting people at a grass root level and aiding them in making lifestyle changes is vital to build a functioning society. This transition is a niche area within the community in order to aid the individuals that are responsible for feeding the family to incorporate herbs and spices into their daily lives. Our intention is to impact everyone’s health. More and more people are waking up to the benefits of alternative medicine and their respective healing properties. Food is medicine and impacts your very soul. Alternative medicine generally seeks to impact the body, mind and soul and because all disease begins in the stomach, this is why we decided to embark on this new venture.

We, as a society, are moving towards a more natural way of living. Many preach a narrative that societies perception of pharmacies will become completely herbal based in their product line in the near future. This is the future of medicine unfolding before our eyes. We therefore decided to make that a reality and open up a store where we can sell a variety of affordable culinary and medicinal grade herbs and spices directly to the public under one roof. We are striving to impact communities on every level i.e. body, mind and soul.

The design of the logo speaks to the ethos of the business. We want to create a brand that has a homely atmosphere. The door and window in the logo are the embodiment of this narrative of Soulful herbs and spices being the hub of information for holistic healing through the use of herbs and spices.

This is a family owned business that speaks to reinforcing the importance of family structure. By using the healing properties of food we intend to bring communities together. There is a bigger goal in mind. This is to spread blessings and goodness through food in the hope that society can begin to heal.

Our health and wellbeing can manifest when the correct herbs and spices are blended in our food. This can have a huge impact on our everyday lives. Everything has its place and it is time we give herbs and spices its rightful place in our kitchen in order the reap the unlimited healing properties of nature.

We, the Kisten sisters’, intend to restore the imbalance and revive the reality of the healing power of herbs and spice. It is time to utilize your kitchen to nurture and nourish the family unit one pot of food at a time.


We convert your idea Into a reality.


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